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Who Are We?



AACAHC actively collects and preserves Alamance County's African-American history in many varied forms. Through community partnerships, the Center has visually documented the oral history of the community. The AACAHC has and is continuing to recognize many individuals who have made a lasting impact on the African-American community. Unearthing their stories are essential to AACAHC's mission. As a museum and cultural site, the AACAHC is determined to bring to the community all the benefits associated with heritage tourism and a public institution devoted to education and preservation.



Jane Sellars did not obtain a building for the Center in her lifetime. Her vision is being fulfilled by the members of the board. The AACAHC now has a physical location displaying the research and work of Jane Sellars and the history of the community. The space includes a library filled with books written by and about African American's locally, nationally, and abroad. The space also includes research tables that are open to the public for use.


Our Mission

From unearthing the stories of the numerous individuals who have made a lasting impact on the community to providing a library, the center is committed to creating a public institution. AACAHC serves as a cultural site and museum focusing on personal, familial and generational, industrial, and commercial history.


The collection and exhibits are housed at 2381 Corporation Parkway in Burlington, NC.

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Our Partners


May Memorial Library

342 S. Spring St. 

Burlington, NC


Paramount theatre

128 East Front Street 

Burlington, NC


City of Burlington

425 S Lexington Avenue

Burlington, NC

Board of Directors


Shineece Sellars

Executive Director


Garry Wiley

Board President


Sharee McCall


Headshot 2019 - Dr. Andre S Richardson.j

Andre Richardson

Vice President

Board Members


Pamela S. Moye


Robin Shepard

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